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There are a number of Venus geyser service center that offers hot water in any chilled conditions. For best care and maintenance of water heater, choose Venus geyser service whenever you need. If you are looking for various geyser services, choose Venus heater service. The Venus geyser repair plans are just a call away and get fast and affordable services.

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Things To Remember While Installing Water Heater

Many homeowners have already found that water geysers are essential appliances that you need to have in your bathroom. You must know that a water heater is known for providing you comfort along with convenience. If you have been looking for a good purchase, Venus Solar Water Heater will be a great choice. However, you can install a water geyser whenever you feel the need because the cost of it is not too high to afford. But, if the water heater is not installed correctly, you will soon be in trouble. Homeowners need to follow a few installation tips to help you get it done correctly!

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Product CategoryTypeRepair Service Geyser InstallationGeyser Servicing
Electric GeyserStorage Water Heater200/- visit/service500/- per unit300/- per unit
Gas GeyserStorage Water Heater300/- visit/service800/- per unit500/- per unit
  • Location

Have you made up your mind about installing a new water heater at your home? If yes, then you will have to know a few things. You might have enough space in your bathroom, but you will have to decide the location as well. You must be planning for any exact location as well as the height of the heating geyser. You should place the geyser from any wet areas; hence, the water geyser should be installed away from the shower, skin, bathtub, or toilet. You will never be able to install a water geyser by yourself, and that's why you may take help from Venus Water Heater Service They are the best, and they will serve you with the utmost efficiency. However, you should find and install the appliance at the optimum height. So, don't waste any further time but start looking for the place.

  • Space

Another important thing that you need to look into. Since you will have to install it in the bathroom, you must have enough space for it. A water geyser is not something tiny so that you will be required enough space. If you are unsure where to install it, you may dial the Venus Geyser Customer Care number and ask them to come over and suggest you everything necessary. Space and location are two important factors, and you can't help but give these the utmost importance. They will install the space for you and, of course, suggest the best place to install it. You will have to maintain a few things and go for regular maintenance; in that case, Venus Geyser Service Center will be able to have your back!

  • Water lines, wooden support, and pipe

Everyone knows Venus Geyser Service so whenever you need any support, you should just drop in. While installing a water geyser at your doorstep, you should ensure proper connection from the water source to the geyser and vice versa. You will be required water pipe to keep it clean and free from clogs to provide the appliance with a simple and continuous water supply. You should always hire a professional from Venus Water Heater Service Centre Near Me and help you with the whole installation. It is not possible to do it yourself. A technician will be using wooden blocks in the wall to provide proper support to the geyser with screws and anglers. If the appliance is not installed correctly, there will be a high risk because it will directly be connected to the electricity!

  • Electric Connections

You may not know, but when it comes to Venus Heater Service they are the best! You should always hire them if you need a technician or any support related to this. When you are installing a water geyser, you will have to provide it with enough electric support, and also, everything should be done correctly to make yourself and your family free from any risk. You should place the switches outside of the bathroom in terms of making sure no such electrocution can ever happen! In case you can not place the switch outside of your bathroom, you should keep the area dry. In general, it will not be possible inside of the bathroom.

  • Wall structure

If you face any issue regarding your geyser, then Venus Geyser Repair center will have your back. However, it is essential to prepare the wall as you will be required a string wall to install a water heater. The wall will eventually be the most critical support for it. The technician will fix a frame or wall plate and then install the geyser on the plate. Your wall needs to be adequately drilled to install the appliance on it!

Hopefully, you have got enough guide for the day! When you start planning to install a new water heater, you should look into these points once.

Geyser Service Charges:

Service typeChargesContact Number
Geyser Service/RepairStart from Rs. 199/-+91-9311587747
Geyser InstallationStart from Rs. 499/-+91-9311587747
Geyser AMCStart from Rs. 999/-+91-9311587747

FAQ for Common service India

You can get various Venus water heater service plans that are specially designed for offering cost-effective services. But when we talk about the water heater service plan, the particular plan that gives you maximum benefits at lower costs. The Venus geyser customer care offers all week assistance whenever you need it.

To connect with one of the nearest Venus water heater service center, call one of their customer care and get on-time service. You can also get in touch with them by call, message, and live chat options. If you do not believe in all these facilities, then send an email with detailed information.

After going through Venus water geyser reviews and ratings, you can get an exact idea about their previous services. In this way, you can also get an idea about their success rate in offering water heater services. So, you can get customers to review to analyze the provided service and public belief.

It is important to check the warranty offered by the company in return for product and service. You need to choose a reliable company that offers an assured warranty that works within the warranty period. In the case of Venus solar water heater, the warranty may vary as compared to expected.

There is a clear difference between the Venus water geyser repair and service because service is done to maximize the performance and repair needs when it has some technical problem. The Venus geyser service center has all kinds of service and repair facilities at a nominal cost.

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