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You reach out to Crompton geyser customer care when you are facing any water heater issues and get an instant solution. Crompton offers you free access to multiple water heater services between working hours. You can contact Crompton geyser customer care number in case of product, service queries, and assistance. You can check out the nearest Crompton geyser service center for fast and effective service. The Crompton water heater service center is always there for you in your hard times and arranges every solution to smooth your experience.

  • Routine Service
    • Cleaning of Machine and Filters
    • Complete Water Purifier Checkup
    • Water Quality Test (TDS)
    • Filter / Spare Parts Rate applicable as per rate card
    Rs. 399/-
    *T&C Apply

    Note: Price may vary according to Distance, Brand, Model & Condition of Products

  • Repair Service
    • Price include visit & diagnosis charges
    • Spare part rate applicable as per rate card
    • Chip, control box repair charge applicable extra
    • Water Quality Test (TDS)
    Rs. 299/-
    *T&C Apply

    Note: Price may vary according to Distance, Brand, Model & Condition of Products

  • Installation
    • Include Fixing of water purifier stand on wall
    • Connect inlet water assembly to water purifier
    • Connect electricity supply to water purifier
    • Free Water Quality Test (TDS) every time
    Rs. 599/-
    *T&C Apply

    Note: Price may vary according to Distance, Brand, Model & Condition of Products

  • Uninstallation
    • Dismantle of water purifier from wall
    • Dismantle of inlet water assembly form water purifier
    • Disconnect electricity supply to water purifier
    • Packing water purifier at place
    Rs. 399/-
    *T&C Apply

    Note: Price may vary according to Distance, Brand, Model & Condition of Products

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FAQ for Cromption service in India

Yes, you can easily connect with Crompton customer care either online or offline modes. You can ask for services, register complaints, and get authentic suggestions regarding the Crompton water heater. You can also buy products services offered by Crompton geyser customer care centers.

Crompton geyser service center offers comprehensive water heater services that include pre and post-installation. If you are a regular water heater user, choose one of the long-term services plans for uninterrupted service. You have to select the best available service plan or connect with Crompton customer care to get an expert suggestion.

Crompton offers an array of water heater customer care to provide on-time assistance for all water heater users. The Crompton customer care deals in electric, solar, and gas geyser services that can be accessed anytime, anywhere in India. No matter which customer care number you are dialing, get expert advice in every condition.

The Crompton water heaters carry a one-year warranty on the overall system, except for some consumables. So, choosing Crompton water heater never be a wrong choice because of their assured warranty. If you are thinking of buying a trusted water heater brand that offers a desirable pre and post-installation warranty, then choose Crompton water heater models.

No matter which Crompton customer care plan you have chosen, get hassle-free service for sure. Crompton water heater service center is known for its after-sales services with having an extended team of service engineers. Crompton water heater offers assured same-day home services in most of the places.
Why Geysers Are A Must & Why Crompton Geyser Service Is Best

Hot water geysers are now more of a necessity than a mere luxury as they used to be a decade earlier. Also, it was mostly bought by people who see long winters and sub-zero temperatures in India. Like, in almost all parts of the country, we see peoples having geysers installed in their household.

In india, you will be able to find geysers from many manufacturers. But Crompton geysers are considered market leaders. Crompton geyser customer care is spread across every corner. In this article, let's explore more about the Crompton geyser service center, especially. So that if we are thinking of buying one, how can we know how to reach their service centers.

Water heaters or geysers work on the simple logic of heating a stainless-steel coiled rod fixed inside the geyser's leak-proof chamber. The spiral rod is rigged with high voltage electric wires, which pass the electricity across the coiled rod to heat up. This, in turn, heats the water inside. There is another type of geyser that uses LPG to heat water. We also have solar versions of electric geysers, which uses solar panels to generate electricity to heat water.

Crompton geysers available run on electricity and are available in various shapes and sizes. The amount of electricity they consume relies on the capacity of the geyser. Modern-day electric geysers are much more energy-efficient than their predecessors. So, the question is, if you are, then how you are going to know Crompton geyser customer care number so that you can enquire about the product or raise a complaint.

Get Your Water Heaters Repaired at Lowest Price -

We offers lowest price Crompton geyser repair service and installation in India, please check our affordable service charges here

Product CategoryTypeRepair Service Geyser InstallationGeyser Servicing
Electric GeyserStorage Water Heater200/- visit/service500/- per unit300/- per unit
Gas GeyserStorage Water Heater300/- visit/service800/- per unit500/- per unit

How To Decide Which Geyser To Buy

Buying a geyser may appear a small task but be sure before investing in a geyser that they have the right after-sales service. Geysers are maintenance hungry products and need time to time maintenance. We must also make sure there is no leakage to avoid an accident due to electricity and water.

Crompton Geysers offers high quality, safe, and energy-efficient geysers and support with excellent Crompton geyser customer care. You can reach out to them if you want to know more about their geysers, like pricing, energy and safety rating, and after that service. The Crompton geyser service center executive from will be helping you out with all your queries.

How To Get Details Of Customer Care

You must be thinking about how you can get the Crompton geyser customer care number. Well, it's easy to take out your smartphone and apply a search on the internet. Since in cities like we have internet readily available in every corner. If you are a smartphone user, it won't be a big deal for you to find out about Crompton customer care details. You can type in keywords like Crompton geyser customer care.

This will return you with all the contact details of their customer care. To be more specific, you can type the Crompton geyser customer care number for. This will entitle you to their exact customer care number. You can also ask about these numbers from anyone you know who is already using the Crompton geysers. You can also visit the nearest dealer of the Crompton geysers in your locality in india and ask them about the same.

Crompton Geyser Service Charges:

Service typeChargesContact Number
Crompton Geyser Service/RepairStart from Rs. 199/-+91-9311587747
Crompton Geyser InstallationStart from Rs. 499/-+91-9311587747
Crompton Geyser AMCStart from Rs. 999/-+91-9311587747

Once you are set and bought your Crompton geyser, then call the Crompton geyser service center and schedule a visit of their service engineer for installation. The engineer will visit your house and install the same with utmost security and expertise. In case if anything goes sideways, don't worry; Crompton will warrantee your product. We should always call the brand owned service center and not a third-party service center. You can also buy their extended warranty schemes or AMC to stay covered for a longer time.

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